#ruffaroundtheedges – WHY I made this series of video clips

So, this is a quick video to cover why I created this series of #ruffaroundtheedges clips.

I’ve been doing this for my lifespan and the big driving reason why I did the is; that I have no immediate family here in the USA, and I don’t have any children. Furthermore, Iā€™m not married any longer, so I am pretty much single/solo.

So, I have a lot of, what I call, IP, between the ears here;
I was, away a couple of years ago, and I was, thinking over coffee that, you know – what if I left this planet earlier than planned, where would all that information go?

What would happen to all that intellectual property and some of the experiences I’ve had from working and living in 6 countries, many, many tasks and roles? So yeah.

#ruffaroundtheedges, my way to leave my legacy and to not leave all this IP between the years all alone and not shared with other people, so enjoy.

š“šØ š«šžšÆš¢šžš° š­š”š¢š¬ š›š„šØš  ššš§š š­š”šž š©š«š¢šØš« 50 š©ššš«š­š¬, š©š„šžššš¬šž š šØ š­šØ š­š”š¢š¬ š©ššš šž:


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