#ruffaroundtheedges – travels – part 32

#ruffaroundtheedges – part b my NDE

Okay. Ruffaroundtheedges – This is part two of my travel to see my sister and brother-in-law in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

In part one, I mentioned the fact that I had to go to the Saudi American Clinic early one morning to get emergency surgery for the fact that I had a ruptured appendix, which created an infection in my small bowel.

So the bottom line is, that the doctor said to me very simply “You fly, you die”, or we operate now.

I had no choice.  I had the operation, and it turned out that I had an ongoing issue with being allergic to anesthetics, and I didn’t know that.

Unfortunately, the anesthetics during the surgery created some complications I passed away for a short period and that is called a near-death experience, or NDE for short.

So interesting stuff – I can cover more of that in part three if people are interested.

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