#ruffaroundtheedges – travels – part 31

Ruffaroundtheedges and this reflects on prior memories from the travel that I’ve done to many different countries.

And there’s been some good moments and some challenging moments.

So, this is a challenging moment, because I think we learn more from challenging moments and good ones overall.

And, in the middle nineties, I went to visit my sister in Saudi Arabia. Into the city the city of Jeddah. And I was there about five days and settling in and I got very, very sick.

It turned out that my appendix had ruptured and created a small bowel infection.

So early one morning, my brother-in-law had to find a hospital.

Fortunately, he had a connection at the Saudi American clinic in Jeddah and I got checked in,

Basically, they had to do emergency surgery on me,

and it was not good. So, there will be a part two to the not-so-good moment, but I am so thankful to be alive still.

And, you will learn more in part two next time

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