#ruffaroundtheedges – Part 39 Patio Pleasure

Ruffaroundtheedges and I’m on my patio.

As you can see, the light looks blue, that’s because I have blue lights behind me. Some great memories of being able to sit out on patios, and, I was, born in England, so the weather’s not so good.

The occasions when we could sit out on patios, we used to love it. I was reflecting on the last time I sat out on an English patio, with my eldest sister and her husband, Keith, and her family, It was, not too long before she passed away.

So, good memories, bad memories, but overall it was a great collection of fond memories. My sister just used to love to sit on her patio and be in her little chair with a glass of wine. She used to love having fun and teasing me and all the other things.

So, yeah. Patio Living, great memories, Ruffaroundtheedges. Thanks to my oldest sister, Alex, for the great memories.

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  1. It’s really a great experience to be with our beloved family. Just being with them, chatting with them, sharing experiences bring a nostalgic feeling of longing. Thanks for sharing your memories with your siblings

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