#ruffaroundtheedges – part 34 – Community Theater Cont.

Ruffaroundtheedges. This is a little bit more about my involvement with, community theater. Which I took classes for,

for about five years to get to the point where I could eventually audition and get selected.

So, One of my fondest memories is I became one of the, what they call the line, for the owes of you that know about tap ballet and jazz.

That’s the nickname for the dancers who get to dance to most of the musical numbers.

So I got into the line with six or seven other guys. I was probably more on the mature side and Nigel, and I were the same age.

So, we used to have fun doing that. I’m going to find some pictures to go along with this.

Rough around the edges, being in the Line-up in the Community Theater

It’s all about those communities, right?

#theguyintheblueshirt #memories

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