#ruffaroundtheedges – part 33

You can probably hear behind, there’s a little waterfall. I’m sitting on a rock in front of it, and the waterfall is runoff from snow melt still up here in Lakeside/Pine Top Arizona. Imagine that.

Anyway, in this episode is just a really short one, which I’m going to do in multiple parts.

And, I was reminded the other day of, some of the other things I’ve done in my past, and, it’s kind of funny because we all talk about community and way back in the mid two thousand. I was involved with a community theater group.

I didn’t know what I was doing, so I went to a lot of classes, and it took me about five years to be, involved with the first show with that group. then, I loved it!

So, community theater, is all about communities, and I’ll send some other parts your way from the memories of doing that.

#theguyintheblueshirt #memories

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