#ruffaroundtheedges – part 27

Rough around the edges, and this is another memory generated from a recent visit to the musical.

instrument Museum here in Phoenix with my very good family Barbara, and we were talking about when we used to be in a community theater group called Fifth Avenue.

We used to do shows in the local area. And we will work with Lillian and Lloyd and Fiona, Julian, and Fraser, and, behind the scenes, a guy called Bob.

So, we were just reminiscing about the great things we did. And some of the funny things we did as well.

We got to see musical instruments from all over the world.

If you’ve not been too MIM as it’s called the musical instrument Museum here in Phoenix, AZ. It is a must-see inside two hundred thousand square feet of unbelievable history, videos, and just outstanding musical instruments.

So rough around the edges, MIM – have you yet to visit?

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