#ruffaroundtheedges part 15

This is when I was about fifteen years old.

I used to stay with my grandmother at Tucking Mill during the summer times and during that time, if we ever needed to go to a bus stop, which was one to two miles away, a neighbor Colin used to take us in his car.

On this occasion, I was with my grandmother, my youngest sister and myself, and Colin, we had just left her little cottage. And twenty seconds later, we were in an auto accident where we were hit head-on by five students in a car similar to ours, and they were doing 85 miles an hour. I remember everything about that accident.

I’m going to make these two parts so that I can go over the details of what happened next.

#ruffaroundtheedges part 15 covers a bad auto accident

when I was around fifteen with my grandmother sister and neighbor Colin.

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