#ruffaroundtheedges part 15 a

This is part two or part fifteen, so I guess I’m 15 after the accident,

I remember pulling my youngest sister out of the car, she was trapped in the back seat, and I was sitting on the only thing that was good on the car, which was the spare tire/spare wheel.

I clearly remember all the conversations, all of the smells, all of the panic, and they were looking for my grandmother. She had been ejected from the car and Colin the neighbor was trapped in the car.

So fast forward to the hospital. I drank some water at the scene of the crash.  I was in a bad state, so I had to have emergency surgery to basically replace all of this, including all of this under my eyes is not really me,

#ruffaroundtheedges part 15 a

Grateful, and very thankful to be alive after that horrific accident.

Do you recall any accidents that you had in your teens?

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