Part 6 #ruffaroundheedges

#rougharoundheedges part six,

I’m just under eleven years old, and I was talking to somebody at the high school that I just started, and they were doing a paper delivery round, and we were so poor that I needed to earn my own pocket money as they call it in the UK.

He took me to the local newsagent shop, – his name was Michael. and Michael introduced me to the owner, as they were looking for some new guys to deliver newspapers. Yes. Hard copy printed newspapers!

This I started just after I was eleven years old, delivering newspapers in the morning before I went to high school. And after high school, I did afternoon paper delivery rounds to.

A little bit later, I got promoted so that I could do weekend rounds,

which were the highest paying, and fewer hours to work – my first big adventure!

The lesson learned here is focus and work ethic will and still gets you noticed in both works and play!

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