This was my fishing spot I escaped too from the project

#ruffaroundtheedges part five –
Fishing is the second activity I learned to get away from the project.

I used to do activities to escape from the project, and I used to find this little place where I could walk. to and there was a little tiny hole alongside a tiny river.

And I figured out that I could actually get a branch and I could take the stems off it and I could make a fishing pole for myself. So I would figure out ways to get a fishing line even though I didn’t have any money for that.

Again, to escape the project and more specifically, escape a lot of the bullying that was going on. I will walk to this little hole alongside the river, and I would fish. And interestingly enough, I went back to the UK last year and I found the exact hole in the very place and it was still exactly the same sixty years later.

#ruffaroundtheedges, part five, escaping the project to fish in peace and quiet.

Lesson learned here, this is the early days of why my mind doesn’t like chaos or discombobulation, leading me in my later years to want to be #simplerfasterbetter in all that I do daily!

Note: The image is my quiet “hole” that I found sixty years later to be intact, amazing!

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