#ruffaroundtheedges part four and this is probably when I’m just six or seven years old and I used to go on my first activity away from the project. And I joined a small swimming club called The Dolphins, where I learned how to swim.

What was really interesting about that is my eldest sister used to take me and one night when we were on our way home walking to the bus back to the project. I, unfortunately, got run over by a motorcycle. Of course, I had to go to the hospital.

I was having difficulty learning how to swim, and I thought it was just me, Well, it turns out that when I went to the hospital, I had actually been deaf for several weeks prior to the accident. So bad news was I got run over by a motorcycle. The good news is I had a curable ear infection, which was subsequently fixed.

Then my learning abilities started to rapidly improve.

A great lesson learned. One bad thing led to a really good result in the end.

Note: Image from the Dolphin Club – in the Cross Bath in the city of Bath

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