Continuing my theme of first memories from back to where I was born, my grandmother continued to live at Tucking Mill cottages.

I used to be shipped off from the project where I lived – in the summer to spend all with time at my grandmother’s cottage.

I never got to meet my grandfather, because he was killed in a mining disaster, (Click the link to see tribute) and from those heroic efforts, he became a Carnegie Hero Trust Fund awardee.

I was probably five or six years old, and I remember seeing this black-and-white picture of a man on the wall.  And I asked her, who is that man?

Gran (Grandmother) said that was your grandfather.

The Trust Fund helped my grandmother with a small pension and helped her through those tough very times.  So again, early memories. Who is that man pictured below, he was my grandfather, a valiant Carnegie Hero Trust Fund recipient

#hero #theguyintheblueshirt

My grandfather’s picture from my grandmother’s wall at Tucking Mill Cottages – my boyhood memory from “who is that man”

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