Part 1 – Where it all began #ruffaroundtheedges

#ruffaroundtheedges Part one and it all started for me in 1955

The first little revelation about what I’ve never shared before is that I was born to a pretty humble household and I was born actually out of wedlock.

And I had an elder sister already.

Her name was Alex and obviously way back then it was pretty frowned upon to have children out of wedlock.

So I’m sure my mom and dad were kind of hiding away, which is why we ended up living at my grandmother’s little cottage, actually in the middle of nowhere in a place called Tucking Mill.

So I will put a reference picture into this BLOG and make reference to the fact that that’s where it all began. So again, part one, ruff around the edges.

And born out of wedlock, but I had an elder sister to keep me company.

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